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Cologno (Parma), Alma accademia scuola internazionale di cucina italiana © Cristian Castelnuovo

The first true appointment dedicated to the culture of Italian dining and hospitality, the Hospitality Day is a popular yearly initiative conceived to celebrate man’s most ancient ritual: the art of conviviality.

The event, ideated by the Federation of Italian Public Exercises (FIPE) under the creative and artistic direction of our studio, has gathered in 2023 5000 Italian restaurateurs and 500 Italian restaurants abroad. For the occasion, each restaurant has proposed a bread-based dish, the fil rouge of this event’s first edition

A feast in the spirit of a sense of community that reasserts itself on May 18, 2024, with a second edition, for which it is estimated the adhesion of more than 10000 of restaurant businesses. For the occasion, the spoon, the mean by which we collect and reunite, will become the epitome of the convivium.


The goal of the Hospitality Day is to reunite restaurants, trattorie, inns, pizzerie and taverns, in the guise of cultural agencies able to re-educate man to the concepts of sharing and convivium. Express how the world of dining can testify and promote a renewed sense of community. 

In fact, the event has delivered an important charity initiative: FIPE donated an economic contribution to Italian Caritas. An act which underscores the fundamental role of inclusion and solidarity within the Italian hospitality culture.

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