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Consulenza strategica, ideazione del concept e direzione artistica del progetto, Coinvolgimento e coordinamento della partnership con le Istituzioni, Produzione dei contenuti di comunicazione e supervisione del piano di comunicazione



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In occasion of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020, a plan of initiatives to communicate the artistic and cultural initiatives promoted in the territory. 

Fidenza Village becomes therefore official partner of the exhibit “Bansky. Building Castles in the Sky” (Parma, Palazzo Tarasconi, 18 September 2021 – 16 January 2022), dedicated to the most famous and anonymous interpreter of contemporary street art, making it accessible in its most appropriate context, the urban one of the Village, as a tool for dialogue, awareness, dissemination, knowledge. 

A collective of international street artists has dedicated an unprecedented tribute to street art within the urban microcosm of the village: an intimate and choral narrative at the same time, in which art has become a scenographic installation, transforming the streets and alleys of the village in a memorable open-air stage. Among murals, live performances and installations, a metaphorical scenario and an immersive setting characterize this site-specific exhibition path designed to celebrate in an ironic and symbolic way the re-birth of a shared feeling of community.

Finally, The Art Street hosted “Piccolo Decalogo Bansky”: an exhibition itinerary divided into 10 stages, conceived as an in-depth spin-off of the exhibition on Bansky, which tells, through a wide repertoire of photographic and textual materials, the artistic epic of the street British artist. 

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