Expo Hainan


Hainan, China




Creative concept creation, Artistic direction, Conception and design of the Pavilion exhibition project, Content supervision, Installation supervision



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At the third edition of the China International Consumer Products Expo, Italy has presented its Pavilion: a project conceived and elaborated by our studio under the commission of ICE and Fondazione Altagamma to promote Italian craftsmanship. 

The heart of the Pavilion is “Panorama”, a 360° video installation on the wonders of Italy. The journey, starting from the monument which epitomizes the Latin design culture, the Colosseum, retraces the history of Italian excellence disclosing its most iconic patrimonies: the temples of Magna Graecia, the theatres, the squares, the painting and sculpture masterpieces. An excursus that ends with the formidable modern era of fashion and furniture, the complexity of mechanics and engineering, the scenic delights of both the natural and the urban world, the diversity and quality of the agri-food and culinary sectors, the culture of high-end craftsmanship, the art of hospitality.  

But this is just the ending of the Pavilion. The installation is indeed surrounded by a cubic structure whose external LED walls herald the story on Italy’s excellence by visually presenting 75 Italian brands, members of Altagamma – the foundation representing fine Italian artisanal know-how and craftsmanship. The public, lured by this elegant storytelling made with graphic and video content, enters the Pavilion, and is welcomed by two authentic pillars of Italian culture: a refined café, symbol of the warmth and hospitality which constitute the true secret and profound soul of Italian lifestyle, and a Ferrari, the ultimate sign of “artisanal” perfection. 

This is what Rampello & Partners has meant by conveying the design culture.

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