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Wishing Wheel_Ruota Dei Desideri Imbrunire-6

A scenographic luminous installation made within the Fidenza Village that symbolically represents the Village’s will to cultivate a collective sentiment of community. 

Beginning and ending, origin and destination at the same time, the wheel outlines the primordial unity from which the spiral of life, its dreams, its desires, spring. It is from this reflection that, in collaboration with Migliore Servetto studio, we have conceived and curated the artistic direction of Wishing Wheel, a circular architecture characterized internally by a dense and articulated net texture. Metaphor of union and connection, the net incarnates the hospitality and inclusiveness of the Fidenza Village, a place where you can meet, create, expand, aggregate around you a network of people. 

But the wheel of desires is also a participatory installation: a story whose plot is composed day by day through the involvement of visitors called to enrich, personalize, complete the installation by posting colorful strips of fabric imprinted with the testimony of a dream, a desire…

The first edition’s great success has led us to the re-installation of the Wishing Wheel for the 2022 Christmas campaign “Starry Starry Chirstmas”. The wheel of wishes has been completely reset, with an adjustment of the color palette and of the graphics made in order to match the campaign’s coordinated image.

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