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An initiative in which Fidenza Village renews its vocation to narrate and enhance the beauties and excellences of its territory as official partner of the exhibit “Ligabue & Vitaloni – Dare voce alla natura”.

To complete the exhibition, a work by the artist Antonio Ligabue, the oil on canvas Leopard on the Rock, was hosted inside the Village, where a real exhibition area was dedicated to it. An initiative aimed at taking art and its main performers out of the places usually designated to it and making it accessible in its territory of reference. An impressive reproduction of the Leopard on the Rock was exhibited at the Milan Design City 2020, within the We are Nature exhibition, curated by the gallery owner Rossana Orlandi in the cloister of the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. 

As partner of the Ro Plastic Prize for the Packaging Solution category, Fidenza Village has contributed to raising public awareness on the issue of sustainability and the enhancement of the territory. 

Through the creative competition “This is your moment – Be inspired by Ligabue”, the Village has launched an international challenge to new talents of the visual arts from all over the world: more than 500 creatives from over 70 countries have interpreted the Emilian artist’s imagination through an artistic contest. Erika Polizzi, the winner, created a digital ink illustration: a surreal and poetic tribute to the world of Ligabue set in the atmosphere of the Emilian village. 

Photo credit:  Federico Avanzini

Fidenza Village: è Erika Polizzi la vincitrice del social contest dedicato ad Antonio Ligabue

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