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Our studio has developed the concept design for the restoration and renovation of the Diocesano Museum of Milan, a project in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, the Municipality of Milan and the Istituto Credito Sportivo.

The plan includes the rearrangement of the museum complex and the restructuring of the Chiostri of Sant’Eustorgio, thereby requalifying one of the city’s most historical and significant sites. Starting from the Edict of Constantine of 313 AD, the new concept design wants to narrate and valorize the architectural heritage, the spaces, the collections of the Diocesano Museum, by adapting immersive narrative languages and sophisticated digital technologies. It will be a unique opportunity to tell the story not only of the Diocese of Milan, but also of the City of Milan.

In addition to the design of multisensorial and interactive experiences, the concept includes also four areas conceived as places of encounter and socialization: the Trani, the Trattoria, the Library and the Workshop. This reflects the new image of the Diocesano Museum: a place not to be merely visited, but to be lived. And most importantly, a place for all: youth, families, tourists. 

Illustrations: Michele Tranquillini

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