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2024 – ongoing


Strategic support, assistance to the artistic direction, engagement with partners and sponsors
Festival del Made in Italy

Eccellenza Italiana, collaborators of our studio who are committed to promote and valorize Italian heritages, has launched the first festival of Made in Italy. As strategic partner, R&P has accompanied EI in the conception and artistic direction of the project.

The event will take place the 23rd of March in Milan, at the Talent Garden Calabiana, and aims at narrating the power and potential of a sector that needs to be safeguarded. It will involve especially the youth and reconnect them to Italian artisanry, offering an experience in the spirit of leisure, sharing and culture.

Fashion, design, cuisine, motorsport, innovation: the areas in which Italy excels at a global scale are several. The Festival’s task is to draw the general public to the macrocosm of Italian craftsmanship with notable guests, stands and live workshops, tastings of enogastronomic delicacies, gaming and vr experiences and much more.

Discover the program and buy your ticket on the Made in Italy Festival website

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