FIDENZA VILLAGE | Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020

On the occasion of the participation in the program of events dedicated to the celebrations of Parma, Italian Capital of Culture 2020, of which Fidenza Village is a founding member of the organising committee and official partner, the village paid tribute to the event by setting up two spectacular scenographic installations in which the protagonist was Light: not only as an artistic tool and language, but also as a maximum expression of vitality, energy, celebration.

Zodiac Stories: a luminous and interactive architecture curated and produced by Rampello & Partners, characterised by the metaphorical union and symbols of the two skies of the East and West. The installation with a plexiglass structure and coloured LEDs, created in collaboration with the famous scenographic laboratory Mekane, was designed to involve visitors, intrigue them in reading their stars, their sign and their history.

Festive Lights: A pathway of traditional Sicilian lights, a symbol of Italian creativity and craftsmanship, set up inside and outside the village area, which illuminated the streets and architectures of the village with plays of light and color, transforming it into a real “country in celebration”. For the realisation of the light installations, curated and produced by Rampello & Partners, the partner was the Artistic Luminaria Badami, one of the main interpreters in Italy of this extraordinary tradition.


Fidenza Village


  • Concept design and artistic direction
  • Executive and creative production
  • Content production and supervision
  • Involvement and coordination of technical and artistic partners
Date: 11.05.2020