On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, Salone del Mobile.Milano paid tribute to the eclectic genius of the Italian Renaissance with DE-SIGNO an installation that celebrates his work but above all his legacy to the culture of design and know-how.

The installation, curated and produced by Rampello & Partners, illustrates Leonardo’s planning ability and the industriousness of the Renaissance shops and workshops in relation to the planning and know-how of contemporary design companies: all in the Italian sign of the culture of beauty.
In an area of 400 square meters, set up inside the MIFA 1862 Theatre, an immersive show that combines the languages of cinema, music and theatre wrapping the visitors and bringing them from the world of Leonardo to the present with a narrative voice. With this suggestive installation we celebrate the importance of cultural exchanges between Italy and China that exist today, and that have existed in the past.

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Salone del Mobile.Milano

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Date: 24.01.2020
DE-SIGNO | Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai